Production technologies

  • 81 Engel injection moulding machines (clamping force 25 – 300tonnes)
  • robotic workstations
  • automated production lines for inserts overmolding, assembly and packaging of parts
  • automated pneumatic conveying and drying materials by means of the KOCH- TECHNIK
  • processing technical plastics PA, PBT, POM, PC, ABS, PS, TPE, PE, PP, PPS, PPA, PA6T/XT, PEAK, etc.

Additional operations

  • printing with tampoprint technology
  • printing with hot stamping technology
  • assembly of sub-assemblies and assemblies (manual, semi-automatic, automatic)
  • 3D printing of prototype samples

Maintenance of injection tools

  • laser cleaning with  cleanLASER CL 300
  • ultrasonic cleaning Multi-Clean Premium